Trawler yacht Monara

Over the next years, Monara will take us around the world. Feel free to join our adventure.

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Broken prop shaft

On July 3rd, our port prop shaft broke. What happened? 


Technical preparation

How we upgraded our old lady.


Loch Oich

Stillness passing by. 


North Fambridge, early morning

Survey of Monara, 1st look. 

Our partners


With the Magnus Master rotor stabilisers of Dynamic Marine Systems, we go for the state of the art in yacht stabilisation.
We will proudly introduce this system in North America. 


As the quality of our drinking water is very important to us, we decided to install a 200 liter/hour automatic Dessalator watermaker on Monara. You can never be sure about the quality of the water on the quay.


While the owner of Fannatic is proud that her matresses travel around the globe, the captain is extremely happy with his good night sleep.


Alphatron Marine has introduced us to Maretron NMEA2000 on board, for monitoring our old Gardners for temperature, fuel flow, oil pressure and exhaust gas temperature. The worldwide Alphatron network guarantees a fast service.

From July 2021 onward, you will be able to follow our expedition on a regular basis.
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